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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the bottom and second floor and even some of the third floor windows are completely blown out and now it's just a smoldering structure. a lot of neighbors trying to figure out who was affected by this. no official information. there's a family that lives in the home. they have older children so concerned neighbors trying to figure out who was affectd and how they can help. in the meantime, crews still cleaning up from the fire. deadly scene over on ellisville road in plymouth, i'm jacquie henrik. fox 25 news. >> a local teacher allegedly knocked candy out of a student's hand leaving a mark. catherine spoke with those who know the teacher and reports from manchester, new hampshire.
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lemay has worked in the school district for 20 years and it's her long record that have some questioning the assault. >> the news of her neighbor's arrest struck christine dame as confused. >> anita lemay, a long time teacher is facing criminal charges that she physically assaulted a 14 year-old. >> in all my dealings, i would never expect her to do anything that wasn't popular with the students. >> lemay turned herself in and was apparently trying to quiet the student eating candy. when he refused, lemay knocked the candy from his hand. lemay was immediately put on administrative leave. parents were notified a substitute would be taking over
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the only answer to our request for comment was someone pulling down the shades. friends say lemay is likely just stunned by this certain turn of events. >> parents have just bowed out. i'm not sure taking candy away from students is a bad thing. >> school officials say they are cooperating with the police investigation. i'm catherine, fox 25 news. >> the fbi and the irs are investigating senator joyce. this shows the fbi still removing thing from his office. joyce faced scrutiny over the questionable use of campaign funds and there was a question why joyce of receiving free dry cleaning services. hughes called on joyce to resign immediately.
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is facing pornography charges. investigators recently found the disturbing images on his home computer and cell phone. >> the suspect in the case is a husband, father and a coach. investigators tell us they found child porn not only on his computer but his cell phone. >> ken burack a pop warner coach is facing child porn charges. >> wow. and he's a pop warner coach. i know that. i'm extremely surprised. >> seems like an all right guy. i never thought he would do something like that. >> fox 25 spoke to a neighbor who saw officers surround a house. >> leaving for work, there was a couple of place cars and other car along the roadside. >> local and state police as
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officers searched through the metcalf street. they found pornographic images of young children on his computer is cell phone. >> the whole pop warner community with the cheer leaders and all the football are all extremely tight knit. i'm surprised nobody knew what was going on. he must have kept it extremely well hidden. >> investigators told us more evidence was found in a chat room messenger called kick. those who know mr. burrack don't want to know this. >> i think that's disgusting. >> they will never go into cheer leading until he is out of here. >> he will be held at a $7,000 bail. we tried to get a comment from the president and he told us if we got near his house, he told us "he would have us escorted
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>> tonight the family of a man killed in a tragic work place accident is shocked. he was hit in the back parking lot where high worked in norton. police and firefighters at the scene on east main street began the investigation right after this happened this afternoon. the truck is owned by a subcontract or that delivers furniture for the white house. the roads should be slippery tomorrow. kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker center and you're always looking at snow. >> the first things first. the falling temperatures. there's flurries in central and northern new england. bedford is at 27. lawrence is at 29. the snow around today melted and made things damp. there will be spots of that black ice first thing in the morning. if it looks wet, check it out
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27 degrees for a low in boston. and worcester down to 20. clearly frosty temperatures over night. there's the flurries floating over night along with a cold front. that will push on through over night and bring most of the clouds with us. your wake up to sunshine in most locations. the winds will be shifting from the north and west and will bring clouds across cape cod and as the wind strengthen during the afternoon and become gusty, cape cod. that's something we will be watching for tomorrow afternoon and to the evening. not expecting accumulation. just something to coat the ground in a more vigorous snow shower. as far as significant snow, i'm 7-day forecast. >> new at 11:00, a local man is
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truck crashed into the ocean. police rushed to the scene in fair haven after reports of a truck upside down in the water. the 61 year-old man is from west island and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> crews searched the water for a young man from harvard. today for the first time, crews searched for clues. >> fox 25 learned that tsarnaev's defense team is stepping down after the appeal of his bombing conviction. he filed a motion for a different defender to replace miriam. judy clark will stay in place to
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>> a local man being held without bail as investigators work together to piece together a motive. he was doing open mic night when gregory wright showed up with a plan to kill him. he followed him out and shot him five times. >> we have multiple shots fired. a party on foot running through the parking lot. one woman heard a man talking about retailiation but could not be sure it was him. >> police say robels approached a women in westgate when she was putting her child in a car seat. he flashed a gun and took the keys and drove off. he took off running and police caught him. >> the man accused of intentional running over a teenager with his car pleading
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21 year-old calvin susa got in an argument with a 15 year-old am he allegedly hit the teen. the teen is still in the hospital. he is being held until a hearing. >> president obama is now expected to visit cuba in march. sources tell cnn it's expected to be a short trip. >> tonight the m bta is working hard to make sure smoke doesn't flood more trains. this broke on the fox 25 news at 10:00. we know a panel fell off the train and caused smoke and the panic. >> basically we all looked around and saw fire. we saw smoke and stuff like that.
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bold. >> the panels are only on the decade's old train on the orange line. after the incident, the mbta investigated and further secured 13. they are reevaluating their staffing levels at all stops. >> boston is receiving money from home land security. the nearly $18 million. the money will be used to train and prepare first responders. past funding is focused on improving communication between agencies and running first responder drills. >> temperatures already below freezing. i'm already looking at a couple of chances of snow. >> several cars damaged by a massive hole on one busy local highway. up next, we ask lawmakers what
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we want to update you on breaking news where one person has been killed in a fire on ellisville road. fire crews are still on scene putting out hot spots. the fox 25 morning news will have any new developments starting at 4:00 a.m.. >> pot holes are all over. we came across many areas with
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>> just the nature of the beast. >> after a 50 degree swing from monday to tuesday, this massive pot hole caused several cars to become disabled on northbound 93 near exit 28. they responded to six vehicles with tire damage during rush hour last night. >> it's a big problem to avoid them. >> this is the latest incident >> it's ridiculous, it's not a back road. >> i showed the patched pot holes to the member of the joint task force committee. that strep i-93 is part of a resurfacing project.
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occasion rough roads. >> there has to be a better solution than patching it. >> mass dot also tells fox 25 as the spring season approaches, the contractor will recommence the deck work and that will continue to june. once that is completed. the paving work will be scheduled to occur late in the summer. >> they were six cars and at least it wasn't 30. how can we make sure it's a permanent fix. >> you have to prove they knew there was an issue and didn't do anything about it. >> while motorists wait for a permanent solution. they will continue patching holes on i-93 including this evening. reporting in boston, i'm cristal haynes. >> a warning from police after a person was hit by a stray bullet. the person was not seriously injured.
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bullet was likely fired from a long way off. this was the case of someone being careless out hunting our target shooting. >> a local man wanted for leading a campaign against boston children's hospital because he was angry how they handled a case. he was found on a sail boat in international waters near a cruise ship. if convicted he faces prison time and thousands of dollars. >> new at 11:00, this year was the weapon of choice. yesterday at 2:00 in the afternoon, the woman says the
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a dairy, new hampshire man was pulled over with this knife. >> the south carolina primaries are just a few days away. hillary clinton is 18 points ahead of sanders. on the republican side, the same poll shows donald trump up 16% ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio. >> now your local forecast from kevin lemanowicz and the fox 26 storm team. >> it's 27 in bedford for instance and boston on the verge of hitting freezing. already down to 35. bottom line anything melted today can refreeze. the nightly warning to watch out for black ice. driveways and roadways. most roadways will be treated and the main roads, just be careful of ice first thing in
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any time you have a mild day with snow melt. spiking to only 27 by 11 o'clock despite the sunshine. there's cold sunshine coming up tomorrow morning. this is north shore down to 25 and 31 with a few clouds floating by later in the day. out in the outer part of the shore. cape cod will show sun otherwise sunshine. the clouds go away with the cold front. 31 with sunshine before lunchtime tomorrow. snow flurries off to the midwest. don't expect them to make it to worcester. overall it's going to be a quiet trend the next couple days. here's the exception. with the wind shiving to the northwest. it will blow across the water and produce the streaks of clouds and the winds pick up two 20 miles an hour will produce
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notice how they turn. it all depends on which way the wind is blowing. when it's more northerly, it will be the outer cape. we will watch how the wins develop. a couple changes in direction and will shift the snow bands. you may get a couple snow flurries there as well. not expecting accumulation. although with cold temperatures you can get a quick coating. that's tomorrow night will start to relent. they will be tracked through the evening tomorrow. that's why there's that risk of flurries and light snow. a low to moderate risk on cape cod and hardly any other risk. wind low to moderate. especially in the afternoon for you cape cod. as far as the black ice, that's the moderate threat. temperatures will be below freezing to the islands. high temperatures in the north
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rock port at 32. metro west, 32, boston 32. your 7-day forecast has your weekend and even a milder weekend you will see that here. income week is where my eyes go for our next storm threat. it's looking like tuesday to wednesday. a storm system coming from the south and tracking on the coat. keep in mind six to seven days away, perhaps more if it slows down. our computer models show this storm strong pushing this way. so close to new england it will produce rain and snow depending on which side of the blue line you're on. but where it will snow could be significant. something we watch closely for any shift in the pattern or path of the storm. just keep it in the back of your mind. just watch out for icy spots.
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what's in your wallet? tomorrow is the day officially for the red sox training.
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ready to get to work. could you want handily ramirez. he was on the field getting in one of most public fielding sessions he will endure. god forbid he misses one. he has to be better in first than left field. >> i feel more comfortable. i know that area and the infield. it's different. and like i say, i am really happy i am back in the infield. >> kelly olynyk is going to miss the first few games getting a second opinion on an injury. what is in the cards? 3 o'clock tomorrow is the deadline. you keep hearing that al hor ford is a possibility.
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to move al horford, he may come here. >> the eagles were up early but the taggers were not going to let them win. clemson takes it by 11 tonight. 65-54. meanwhile just up the word, solid finish to duke, north carolina. carolina has one more chance. duke comes up with the loose ball and they win 74-73. good game as always. >> butch sterns caught up with the women's hockey team. they are two wins away from a perfect season. it's clear the goals are loftier. >> it means a lot to us. it shows that we kind of earned this from the preseason on. we're not finished yet and we still have a lot of work to do. >> obviously it would be cool, we're just trying to win the
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that's not our end goal. >> what is your end goal? >> national championship. business. they have business to finish from last year's team. that's something they're motivated for. >> i like that. i like the fact they say the goal is national championship. >> they do. they want to add a star on the back of the jersey. i like that tradition and the b.c. men's team has stars. the women haven't won one. >> kevin. >> here's your forecast tonight. watch out for the spots of ice. that black ice forms on nights like this. i want you to be aware. if you don't tell you and you slip, i will be angry with myself. temperatures in the 30s. a chilly day compared to what we've had recently. much milder in the off time
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harvey: there was a big thing with rihanna at the grammys, and she says that she bailed because of bronchitis. there are others who say she bailed because she had a temper tantrum. >> basically she called in sick for work claiming it was a physical illness when rather it was a mental health day. >> she was at work. she went home sick early. >> then you don't get charged a sick day. [laughter] >> we got kanye west at mcjacob and company to drink champagne. harvey: you can't beg for money and shop for expenses watches. i'm mark gukerburg. convince me you need more money. why don't you have enough been to buy your own stuff? >> i didn't say i don't have enough money.


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